Colour Compressor

A quick and playful tool for creative compression.


What's Colour Compressor all about?

Colour Compressor is designed to be a quick and creative tool for compression and colouration 🎚

Whether you’re a complete beginner or a compression ninja, Colour Compressor simplifies the otherwise complicated process of compression down to 2 main controls 🎛


Controls the overall amount of compression that’s applied.

For the more technically inclined, you could think of this as the Input Gain, Threshold and Ratio all in one, but we’d encourage you to just think of it as Amount 😉


Response controls the timing and feel of the compressor. Turn it to the left for a tighter, fatter sound. Turn it to the right for a more transient, punchy sound.


Sometimes you want a little more than just compression. The Colour control lets you dial in some saturation to add that extra bit of grit and character.


The Style control sets the style of saturation used by the Colour control.

Choose from 4 modes: Tape, Tube, Digital and Adaptive, which adapts the amount of saturation applied based on the level of compression.

Everything else

Get a visual overview of the envelope of your signal with the Envelope view. Click the buttons to the left of Before and After to toggle the view.

Adjust the input and output levels. Use the Mix control for some parallel compression.

Click the Preset Chooser to open the Presets window. Colour Compressor is designed to be so quick to use that you shouldn’t need presets, but we’ve included some anyway and you can save and edit your own, if you need.

In the Presets window you’ll also find a toggle to switch between Colour Compressor’s light and dark themes.

Try Colour Compressor for free

Download a free demo of Colour Compressor and try out all the features for as long as you want. The demo version will silence the output every 30s.

Download Colour Compressor Demo

Can I get a manual?

No one reads manuals anyway, so we don’t have any. Everything you need to know about Colour Compressor can be found right here on this page.